Vehicle Use


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First time users: 

1. Click on Forgot Password (at bottom of screen, under login)

2. Go to your email to retrieve your username and password.

3. Update your profile by changing your password and adding the  missing information and verifying any preloaded information.

4. If you are not found when you click for got password, click on "Sign  Up Now!" in the navigation bar on the left to create your profile and use your K# as your User ID.

To make a reservation click on Make Reservation link in navigation bar on left side of screen. 

To view your reservations, click on My Schedule link in navigation bar on left side of screen.

  • If you have questions, please read the Instructions and/or FAQ's (links in the navigation bar on left).
  • Reservations for more than 12 people will need to be made as multiple reservations, although the system shows a drop down for up to 30 people, we only have vehicles that hold up to 12.  Buses may be available for larger groups, please call Athletics (x4909) for more information on bus availability.

Please call Facilities, 398-5561, if you have any questions.

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