Vehicle Use


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The Fleet Services office is located in room 120 of the Facilities and Security building located by the round-about at the main entrance, just past the tennis courts. You can contact us by email at or by phone (during normal business hours) at (319) 398-5561. 
Your vehicle will be available for pick up as early as 15 minutes prior to the start time of your reservation. Keys for the vehicle can be picked up and dropped off from the automated KeyLocker system located in the west entrance vestibule of the Facilities and Security building.    The KeyLocker is in service 24-hours a day. The reservation confirmation email contains the instructions to obtain the vehicle key(s) from the automated KeyLocker system.  The vehicle is across the street in the Facilities and Security west parking lot.
Each vehicle has a WEX FLEET fuel card attached to the keyring. Upon return of the fleet vehicle, The WEX fuel card is accepted at most major fuel stations.  It will require the user to enter the odometer on the vehicle and then input the ID #.  THE ID# is FOUR digits- it is the vehicle number with as many zeros needed to make it four digits (i.e. vehicle #1's ID is 0001, #44's ID is 0044, etc.) WEX fuel receipts should be dropped in the drop box in the vestibule. If the WEX fuel card is not accepted, please use your p-card or pay with personal funds and send a copy of the reciept to Facilities and Security at
Driver and passengers may park their personal vehicle(s) in the same lot in which the fleet vehicles are located.