Vehicle Use


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  1. How early may I pick up my vehicle?  up to 15 minutes prior to your reservation start time.
  2. How do I pay for fuel?  a WEX fuel card is provided with each vehicle (attached to the key ring).  You will need to enter the odometer and an ID number- THE ID # is the vehicle number in a FOUR DIGIT FORMAT- it is the vehicle number with zeros in front of it to make it four digits, e.g. vehicle #1, the ID# is 0001, vehicle #44 the ID# is 0044.
  3. What is the WEX ID# that the fuel pump is asking for? THE ID # is the vehicle number in a four digit format, e.g. vehicle #1, the ID# is 0001, vehicle #47 the ID# is 0047.
  4. What if the gas station doesn't take WEX fuel cards? WEX fuel cards are accepted at most major fuel stations, however, if it isn't accepted, you may use your p-card or personal funds.  You will need to email a copy of the receipt to Facilities at for further information.
  5. What do I do if I am involved in an accident?  There is an Accident Kit with directions inside the vehicle glove box.  The documents are also on this website under Documents- Accident Kit.  A copy of the directions and all of the forms (including proof of insurance) are attached there.
  6. What is my OBJECT code?  Your Object code is 612030 UNLESS:you drive for The Hotel-use 126030 or Athletic Recruiting Travel -use 625000. Be sure to Save your profile.
  7. How do I CANCEL or CHANGE a reservation?  Go to my schedule , click on view finder by reservation, at bottom click on "Request Changes" and submit (or Call Facilities at 398-5561 or email
  8. How do I ADD PASSENGER LIST/MODIFY PASSENGER LIST Later? go to my schedule click on view finder by reservation, click "Add Notes", enter passengers, and submit.
  9. What happens to items left in a fleet vehicle?  Items found will be held in Facilities for two days after we find them and attempt to contact the owner.  Afterward, items will be sent to Kirkwood's lost and found in Student Life. 
  10. What if I have a last minute change in drivers? If during normal business hours, contact Fleet Service Staff- 319-398-5561.  If outside of normal business hours, contact Security at 319-389-1774.  The new driver must have a FleetCommander account and know their username and password.
  11. What if I have other questions? Please review the policies and documents (links on log in screen).  If you still have questions, please contact Fleet Service staff at 319-398-5561 during normal business hours. 
  12. What do I do with the WEX fuel receipt?  Please put it in the blue box marked Fuel Receipts located to the left of the key box.